Office Cleaning

  • We provide office cleaning with daily, twice weekly, thrice weekly or weekly basis to every commercial offices with more than 20 years.
  • We have built up hundreds of long-term relationships with our valuable clients since established 1999.
  • We are fully licensed and insured company and all of our cleaner staff locals and undergoing trained and attended cleaning educate session before assigning to take on the job to ensure safety, Well understanding of the job scope.
  • Trust, safety, efficient is our commitment to you, it’s what we have been doing exceptionally well since 1999.
  • Regular cleaning can reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading
  • Regular cleaning can remove virus that may be stick on surfaces, as well as help maintain a healthy working environment, you and your entire company may enjoy a sparkling cleaned working environment.
  • We have been providing exceptional cleaning office service since 1999, by a relentless focus on quality office cleaning and investment in our employees. This principle and efforts have blessed us with happy customers that have stayed with us for decades.
  • We assuring to keep hygiene and cleanliness always in your corporation premises
  • We make sure our services efficient, affordable and hassle-free!
  • You may have peace on mind to pass on to our good hands
  • Our cleaning staffs all have attended class on and on to increase their skill and expertise
  • The maintenance and cleanliness of your premises can strengthen the image of your organization
  • We offer a flexible office maintenance schedule allows you to choose daily, weekly, thrice weekly,
  • We work out the schedule that fits to your needs, you also may determine the frequency you prefer

Routine Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean and wash up pantry area such as sink, faucet, coffee machine area to avoid mold, pests and mosquito
  • The left-over scrapes may have potentials to create risks for COVID-19 transmission
  • Vacuum carpet, sweep and mop hard floor, waste disposal, washing cups
  • Trash emptied, toilet washing, tidy up pantry area, wiping all workstation, desk, chairs, counter-top conference room, receptionist countertop
  • Cleaning all general areas, cubicles, water dispenser,
  • Sanitize telephones, keyboards, mouse, computer, cables behind,
  • Sanitize and polish all fixture surfaces including toilets, mirror and stock up toilet paper and other necessaries
  • Replenish all the dispensers, hand soap, toilet paper, paper towel,
  • Clear away remaining food scrapes if spotted to avoid cockroaches or pets
  • We concern about everyone staffs health and safety, hygiene come to the biggest focus to us.
  • We ensure entire office is cleaned and sanitized before leaving to home
  • Disinfect all the door handles, high torch public surfaces, Main door glass, handles, doorknobs,
  • Clean up window glass panels, glass door, door handle, push bar
  • Wipes n dust free company sign frame, handrails, staircase handrail
  • Keeping pantry beverages and snacks in well-organized, water plants
  • Empty up shredder machine, rubbish bins as well as recycle bins
  • Each of our employee is pre-screened and had put through a rigorous training period.
  • We care for our employees, treat them as our friends always therefore we providing them with good wages and benefits as well as educate courses with jobs relevant for both full time and part time cleaner staffs.
  • Consequently, we have a very high employee retention rate who serve more than a decade for us.
  • The motivation and trust, help us provide a consistent exceptional service to you as our custom.

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