Welcome To Yuki&White

For over 20 years we have been providing office and commercial cleaning across the island wide since year 1999.

Apart from office cleaning service, our company recently has further to develops multiple new products and services such as office renovating, fogging,  disinfecting as well as enter into new indoor pot plants market.

When you engaged with Yuki & White @ Up-Services as your commercial office cleaning company, we will ensure all of our clients will be received right measures in place to maintain and uphold a healthy and safe working environment.

We believe in service excellence and customer satisfactory, therefore, our team is carefully selected to ensure that we deliver on what we have promised to each of our client.

Our customised office cleaning services are tailored to your office needs and operating schedule.

Our cleaning schedule be it daily, twice weekly, thrice weekly or even once weekly basis according what you need.

Our cleaning duties are covering of : 

  • Clearing up all garbage, rubbish and trash
  • Disinfecting of high touch surfaces
  • Mopping floor
  • Vacuuming floor
  • Washing toilets
  • Wiping windows and glass panels
  • Dusting all the workstations
  • Sanitize telephones
  • Empty up shredder machine
  • Washing & brushing toilets
  • Scrubbing pantry sink and others fixtures
  • Replenish stocks supply
  • Watering indoor plants follow schedule