Carpet cleaning service

We offer you a professional carpet cleaning service using top-tier, highest quality equipment and materials that eliminate soil and neutralise odours from the fibres of carpet, we can transform your carpet looking, smelling and feeling as good as New!

We offer a comprehensive, dependable range of carpet cleaning service that target ALL kinds of root problems, reaches to the deep fibres, removing allergens, mites, germs, bacteria and dust! With our highly-trained professionals on job, our team staffs always ensure to get the job done quickly and effecticvely without damage. carpet or let hot water to seep underneath the carpet’s backing.

We have been awarded by bizSAFE 3 certificate that approved from MOM and governed by the WSH Council in order to build up work place safety and health capabilities. We had met all the requirements of Risk Management’s act and regulation also as well as audited by external auditor for bizSAFE Level 3 status/recognition!

Our mission is simple:
Provide the ultimate customer experience! Save the cost for your new carpet replacement! Free on-site quote and help to meet to your business needs!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are focus on Environmentally Sustainable cleaning. Hence, we use only non-toxic and safe detergents which is low moisture and low foam to clean up for all type of carpets.

The hot water is injected under high pressure down into carpet fibre, releasing dirt, germs, dust mites and all other particles in carpet pile. Our advanced stain
removal techniques able to tackle with all type of toughest stain and marks.

Our goal is to turn your place to be hygiene, safety and appearance! Let’s the RESULTS to do the talking for us rather than lots of bragging in advertising!

  • Engaging a professional carpet cleaner is your best bet in achieving the result you want.
  • We offer top quality of workmanship and deliver to you the best cleaning services.

  • Our business has been built on repeated clients and referrals over the years

  • A clean space promotes overall well-being and high productivity working spirits

  • Our competitive pricing model is another reason why you are in good hands


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Food crumbs, grease hands, drink spills, shoe stains, pet’s hair…etc are the ones dirtied the office carpet, armchair, mattress, sofa whilst produces unpleasant odours! There is not only invited pets like cockroaches, beetle, mites or bugs, also leads to indoor hygiene problem and triggers illness like asthma, eczema, skin itchiness and other major health hazard.

We take pride in transforming your office and beloved furniture into its pristine and refreshed state. We use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly solutions to produce far better results than other people do. With the low foam detergent for carpet & upholstery spray extraction provide optical brighteners restore lustre as well as pleasant fragrance.

Our dedicated technician team are ALL well-trained and committed to deliver extraordinary care on every square of your flooring. Our customer service team always maintains friendly and quick responsive behaviour towards everyone of enquiries call and making it without any hassle!

The layers of unsanitary filth such as pet accident, dirt, dust, stain and mould can lead to skin and eye irritated, respiratory and allergy issues.

We use eco-friendly & harmless cleaning products that are safe for your family and pets. We would not leave behind harmful chemical residue or odour after job done.

Our goal is created Clean, Healthy and Hazard-free environment for all clients! You may feel rest assured in our safehands, let’s the done results prove you everything is fully insured and certified.


  • Thank you so much for the excellent work, we are all very happy in the quality of service. – James

  • Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our office chairs. They truly look great! – Nayla binti Mohd Amin

  • My couch came up looks like brand new, very thankful to Mr Tan and his team! – Rafael Megrino

  • Greatly surprised by the outcome of our office carpet, certainly will call them again in future. – Pei Ching

  • Pricing is fair enough compared with ex vendors. We happy with overall experiences already booked for next schedule! – Suzanne Park

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a carpet be professional cleaned?

Carpets need to be cleaned regularly at least once every six (6) months or a yearly basis depending on the how heavy amount of human traffic floors.

Will you remove all stains?

As carpet stain removal experts, our technicians are well equipped with knowledge, experience and chemicals to treat all stains. Unfortunately, sometimes there is permanent discolouration which will not lift. This can be discussed during the inspection process.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

This will vary based on the fibre type and other factors, typically take about 4~6 hours to dry or even much longer on certain fabrics materials just in order to reduce risk of mould, bacteria and mildew growth. We use high-temperature steam cleaning method which leaves the surface slightly damp and safe!

What type of chemicals using for cleaning?

Our cleaning chemicals have been proven in extensive use throughout Asia since 1971. Our high quality and well regards cleaning and maintenance chemicals are manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001.

Why is office carpet cleaning is so much essential?

Normal vacuum can only perform surface dusting unable to resolved embedded dirt and stains which lies deeply bottom of carpet for long. Hence, hires A professional cleaning team to extracted out the dirt and germs before it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms!

How often should the carpet shampoo and cleaning be done?

Quarterly basis: Hotels, Factories, Clinics, Hospital, Restaurants, Retail stores, Backpack hostels, Spa, KTV, Pub, Jackpot room…etc

Every 6~12 months: Commercial Offices, Workshops, Households, Childcare centre, Gym…etc

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